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"There is no greater importance in Colombia than the liberation of thousands of children from the hardship and injustice of poverty."

Revd David Taylor, Founder Colombia ChildCare

Dear supporters

Roof ProjectSome time ago David Taylor approached the parents to request help to sustain the school. The parents agreed and a new precedence was set. Gone was the mind set of the paternalistic model where Colombia ChildCare paid for everything.

Parents were encouraged to give what they could. The poorer families were encouraged to pay the "widows mite" The response from the parents was astounding with all wanting to make some kind of contribution to the ministry.

David and the team saw pride on their faces as they were given the opportunity to take ownership and contribute.

There was a new found enthusiasm which replaced a sense of apathy. Parents are now really involved in their children's education. It's really exciting to see this change!

Roof ProjectLittle did David know that making this decision to involve the parents would have such a massive impact in other ways.

In February of this year just before the new academic year started there was an influx of new students from more affluent families who wanted their children educated at the Oasis school because of its excellent reputation.

This meant that these fee paying students brought in extra income which would be used to raise the standards of resources the school could provide. It also raised the expectations of the children from poorer families and crossed some social barriers.

The CCCI staff have found that the blending of children from all backgrounds has brought great benefits to everyone! As we move on to the next level we have a real need to build a roof over the outdoor space in the Oasis School to protect the children from the excessive temperatures (100 degrees F).Therefore, last year we launched a new roof project in order to provide shelter for these children.

Roof ProjectWould you stand with us once again as we launch into the final part of this project?

Half the roof is now in place but we still need to finish the project.

The completion of the roof is needed over the main area where all the students come together for events like assemblies, prize giving, celebrations and dance practices etc. Some of our children have suffered from sunburn which can be quite distressing for their parents.

We believe that the completion of the roof at a cost of $60,000 for will eradicate the problem and danger to the health of these precious children in these excessive temperatures. This wouldn't just benefit the school but the whole community by way of a meeting place for the local people to come together. We could also rent the space which would bring further income into an already stretched budget in these challenging economic times.

We are aiming to finish the work for the start of the new School term in February 2015.

Would you be able to stand with us and support this project giving whatever you can to make this new initiative become a reality?

There are many ways in which you can donate to the roof project...

· By emailing us at the office: info@colombiachildcare.org

· By sending a check made payable to Colombia ChildCare International, (write on back Roof Fund) and send to:
Colombia ChildCare International
Care of Calvary Assembly,
1199, Clay Street,
Winter Park,Florida, 32789

For further information please don't hesitate to get in touch with us here in the Florida office on 407 644 1199 ext 223

Roof Project

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your support over the past 14 years we really do appreciate your kind generosity and giving. We would also ask that you stand with us in prayer that we will be able to finish this project in time for the new academic year in February 2015.

Thank you

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